Convenient and easy booking process

Manage Your Time


Booktime is a flexible planning platform that can be used for businesses of any size; whether solo or retail.

Ease of use

Our minimalistic and user-friendly calendar design was tailored to your needs. You and your customers will enjoy the Booktime experience.

Advanced options

As the leading online meeting scheduling solution, Booktime contains hundreds of innovative features.

Our Key Features

SMS + email notifications

SMS and customizable email reminders / confirmations will keep your customers informed and connected, even when they are on the go.

Client database manager

Collect your customers' contact information, manage their profiles and track their meeting history.

Customizable Booking minisite

Personalize the colors, themes and fonts of the Booktime mini web planning page to fit your business aesthetics.

Calendar Synchronization

Easily synchronize your Booktime schedule with your personal calendar. Apple's iCal, Google Calendar (one-way or two-way) or Microsoft Outlook.

Customer Reviews

Booktime allows customers to send and share reviews with other potential customers. Let us get rid of the hassle of collecting feedback, and you just sit and watch your reputation grow.

Online payments

Increase your business efficiency and minimize absenteeism with credit card payments via Stripe or PayPal. Features include: card to file, deposit required or full payment.

Mobile Booktime

Securely access your mobile optimized calendar and customer information with ease from your mobile phone or Android / Apple iOS tablet.

Class Scheduling

Ideal for businesses such as gyms, yoga studios, workshops and more. The list of classes and calendar are available on the reservation page.

Packages + Gift Certificates

Combine several services that can be purchased by customers in advance, sell custom gift certificates.


Attract customers with promotional discount codes, they work well with both regular and new clients.


Raise bills for meetings, classes, products and packages from the calendar. Send generated invoices to your customers.


Manage your products, brands, suppliers, product orders and professional assortment with ease. Send orders for products directly to suppliers.


Each employee can have their own separate access to the system, which allows them to view and manage their own or global schedule. Access to client database management can also be provided to selected employees.


Clients can create, reschedule and cancel their meetings through their convenient personal account. Registering a client account with a password may be optional or disabled.


Resource planning can be used to reserve rooms or equipment that are associated with your services, preventing double booking.

Multiple Locations

Easy to set up multiple offices. Customers will be able to choose the nearest location for them at the time of booking.



1 million+



Happy clients

$10 million+

In transactions

Advanced Features

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with our diverse set of features.


Mark each client, in a scheduled class, as checked-in or no-show. It is perfect for businesses that need to keep track of their class attendance.


Clients can book multiple services in a single appointment reservation session. Admins are able to manually add multiple services to an appointment..


Set up repeating bookings (daily, weekly or monthly). Clients can also book recurring appointment or class sessions online.

Time zone selection

Clients located in different countries/timezones will be able to receive notifications, book appointments and classes in their local time, eliminating time zone barriers.

Additional administrators

Perfect for businesses that require a full account management by reception, front desk, or employee.


Client side booking page and management area available in various languages (French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Portuguese and more).


Add different types of custom fields to your booking page. For example, ask for Skype id, birthday date or require feedback selection.


Collect data and monitor your business activity with Booktime statistics. Gain clearer insight and easier understanding of your business performance.


Add extra time in-between your appointments, for travel, clean-up, or simply to have additional prep time.

Website Integration

Integrate Booktime scheduling directly into your webpage with our 'pop-up' or 'in-body' website widgets.

Email/Social Media Marketing

Promote your business via Facebook, Twitter and MailChimp email marketing integration.


Staff members are able to double book and make overlapping appointments or classes at any given time.

Inventory management

Manage your products, brands, vendors, product orders and professional stock with ease.

Service Groups

With service groups you are able to group services you perform together, such as wash, color and blow-dry.


Businesses worldwide can setup their region's tax (for example: VAT, HST, GST or any other custom name).

Raise your business to new heights with our premium Booktime tools. We make it easier for you to schedule meetings, promote your business and grow your clientele.